6 d’ag. 2008

el vídeo dels dimecres... malenconia

...la neu romandrà i, com diu el vídeo, potser hi tornarem... (((bones vacances !!! )))

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Jaume J ha dit...

The Snow Abides

Through the towering streets
Grey flecked with the Sun
I am fallen and tumble
Endomed in snow glass orbed Alice eyes
America is dreaming of a restless Autumn
Snow abides
When I saw you
My heart arose

Royal black and blue I am not lost
Yet little star
In the doorway I catch a sign
Shuddering still
Oh there is too much, there is too much
And can I? And I cannot, cannot...
Snow abides
When I saw you
My heart arose - ecstatic butterfly
Slipping away
Waving goodbye
Leaving quicksilvered fire
In pools on your way

When I exit and I recall your eyes
Leaden depth and dark
Hinting at space
Oh the richness
Too much of everything
And unborn uncreate

To be unborn, to be unborn
To be unborn, to be unborn

Like an Angel fallen whilst I saw your eyes
Leaking lights
Follow the clouds drifting like comets
Ten twenty years, where will you sleep?
You move for the Sun lie down in blossom
But a body can scarcely hold in
And man may not bear
The goldform Angelic
I heard someone whisper
As you ran by me
Waving goodbye